Real Estate  
AlSalehat prides itself on having a strong presence in the real estate  sector, with a portfolio of residential and commercial properties that are managed by a team of experienced professionals.   

Jeddah Park


AlSalehat is proud to own one of the largest multi-use shopping centers in the Kingdom covering a sprawling 500,000sqm. Through strategic collaboration with operators "Cenomi", our shopping center aims to provide visitors with an unparalleled shopping experience, featuring a range of international brands and a diverse array of entertainment options. In addition, our fourth floor is home to the House of Islamic Art the first museum dedicated to preserving the heritage and history of Islam in the region.

Serafi Megamall


Serafi Mall is a premier shopping destination located in the city of Jeddah. As one of the first shopping malls in the region, we have proudly served the citizens of Jeddah for over 15 years.

Our wide selection of international brands and F&B options, as well as the exciting amusement park, MoonToon, and other entertainment options such as B-Club, our newly opened 16 lane bowling alley, offer something for everyone 



Nejoud Compound


Nejoud Residential Complex, a luxurious and modern housing development located
in the desirable Al-Hamra neighborhood of Jeddah.
The Complex features 43 one-story villasm each with it's own private space and amenities. Residents
can enjoy the on-site service area, garden, playground, gym, and event hall, as well as a basketball court.


Zahret AlSalehiah


Located on King Abdul Aziz Street, in the heart of Al-Balad district, the beating heart of Jeddah. Spanning an area of 100,000 square meters it hosts over 100 shops, Including well known brands specializing in clothes accessories perfumes, and other high-end stores.